Terms and Conditions


We provide 30 minute tuition for private / shared private lessons, and one hour for groups. Shared private is 2-3 riders and groups are 4-7 riders. We offer adult and child prices (under 16yrs) for all our lessons.

Group lessons

Group lessons are great for saving money, learning from other riders and for socialising. If you would like to join a group we will require you to attend at least one private session so that the instructor can assess your riding level. In a group lesson where only one rider remains, and there are no suitable alternative groups to join, you will be provided with a 30 minute private session.

Shared private lesson

In a shared private lesson when the other riders are unable to attend you will be provided with a private 30 minute lessons at the slightly higher price.

Private lessons

These are one to one 30 min lessons and are available to all levels, including lead rein sessions for small children 4 yrs and upwards.


We take cash, card payments or bank transfer as payment for lessons.

24 hour cancellation policy

We operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy for all lessons without exception. If a lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of your booking you will be charged in full. If the lesson is cancelled with more than 24 hrs notice there is no charge. Cancellations can be made by text and you should receive a reply. If cancelling a regular booking please state if you will be here the following week. Cancellations cannot be made on the Facebook page or by email.

Beginner riders

Lead rein may be required for beginner riders for safety reasons. If no teaching assistant is available this must be provided by a parent or a friend. This is mainly applicable to children and rarely to adults.


We hope you will be happy with all of our instructors but if you feel you are not getting the best from your lessons please discuss your concerns with Sarah. You are more than welcome to transfer to another instructor if you wish.


We have a number of horses and ponies for all abilities and ages. They all have individual weight limits. We will match you with an appropriate horse and if you find a horse that you particularly like we are happy to add this as a “request” to your booking. We cannot guarantee requests for all bookings as the horses have limited workloads and also require days off. Also, it is important to note that some horses are much easier to ride than others. Riding such a horse in every lesson can give you a false picture of your riding ability. A variety of different horses to ride is the key to good horsemanship.

Equipment and safety

All riders are required to wear:

We recommend you wear:

Unacceptable attire

You must not wear flip flops, sandals, open toed shoes, heels higher than one inch or no heel at all, (trainers are not suitable) Also no strappy tops, skirts, jeans or shorts. We advise that you wear minimal jewellery. Riding is an outdoor sport and continues in all weather conditions. Suitable clothing must be brought and worn as necessary.

Accident forms

Even the best riders will fall off and even the most sensible well trained horses can sometimes be unpredictable and accidents occasionally happen. If you should have any sort of accident an instructor will be on hand to assist you, provide first aid if needed, and get you back into your lesson. With any accident, no matter how small, we are required to fill out an accident report form which you will be required to sign. Although safety measures are put into force at Whitford Riding Stables prior to the beginning of any activities, horse riding is a risk sport and due to this fact we will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst riding at this establishment.

Compliments and complaints

If you would like to put forward a compliment about a member of staff please speak to Sarah who will pass it on. If you have any complaints or problems please speak to a member of staff straight away and they will assist you in resolving the problem as soon as possible.

Contact Details

Please try to keep your contact details up to date. There are times when we may need to contact you or return a call and this is impossible if telephone numbers or emails have changed.

Riding School Updates

We use Facebook to keep customers updated with scheduled events and news.


Due to complaints from other riders and parents, we ask that you do not video any lessons or riding at the stables without requesting permission from Sarah beforehand.